Industrial program

Thank you for joining us at the European Robotics Forum 2023 in Odense, Denmark!

Monday March 13th

Morning - Company visit to Universal Robots, Mobile Industrial Robots and Danish Technological Institute
Noon - Exhibition at ERF open to the public
Noon - Industry Matchmaking at ERF exhibition hall
Afternoon  - Odense Robotics Walk-in event
Evening  - VIP reception at Odense City Hall

Tuesday March 14th

Morning - Keynote1
Late morning - Human Robot Collaboration and AI for Smart Manufacturing
Noon - Opening
Early afternoon - Tech Transfer Award
Late afternoon - What properties should robots have for new nuclear industry?
Evening - Welcome reception at Storms Pakhus

Wednesday March 15th

Morning - Keynote2
Late morning - Scaling Robotics in European Manufacturing
Noon - 3D Printing in Robotics
Early afternoon - AI and Robotics in construction
Late afternoon - Visit to SDU Robotics on Campus
Early evening - ERW Award ceremony on Campus
Evening - ERF Gala dinner on Campus
Late evening - ERF After Party on Campus

Thursday March 16th

Morning - Keynote3
Late morning - Empowering autonomous robots to support agile production
Noon - Cobots bring solutions to the challenges in manufacturing.
Afternoon - Feasibility of agile manufacturing, what really moves SMEs

Thank you for being part of the ERF-family!

Christian Schlette


Morten Fab