Charity run

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thank you to all the runners who participated!



Teknologiskolen is a volunteer organization offering technology teaching for kids aged 6 to 18. Our focus is on technology of all kinds although based in robotics, and we give kids the opportunity to build and learn about technology. We are aiming at providing our participants with the best possible platform for learning how to create and explore technology. We rely very much on project-based teaching and learning – and constructionism is inherent in the way we set up the projects, allowing the children access to building stuff from day one. We are a non-profit organization run by a board of 5 members and we currently have about 28 volunteers helping to teach 93 participants in our 9 season classes in Odense. Our season runs from September to May, and we also run a yearly Robot Summer Camp in July.

important info

We STRONGLY advise the runners to give their changing clothes to a colleague to carry to Storms INCLUDING their conference badge!

EVERY participant at the welcome reception MUST have their conference badges on – no badge, means we can not scan them and thus not give them the “Eventyrkort” (Adventure Card) with credit for food.

Please note that there are no showers available and no changing rooms on the premises. 


Tuesday, 14th March 2023

17:00 – head runners (Ebbe Vincent Just Christensen &
Tesniem Izzat El-Merie) come to ODEON

17:25 – Warm-up

17:30 – GONG and the runners take off from ODEON to Storms Pakhus where the Welcome reception will take place

the route