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Thanks for attending ERF2023 and for taking the time for give your feedback afterwards.

Feedback often feels like dropping coins int a well – you never seem to get any result from it! Well, not in the case of ERF2023. For full disclosure, here is the quantitative feedback for ERF2023. It displays the satisfaction rate between 0% and 100%.

A lot of comments were also given as qualitative feedback. Many are very dear to my heart. Here are just some examples:

”ERF is THE place to network with the top figures in European Robotics. I get to see friends I haven't seen for a year, make new contacts, and discuss new project ideas.”
”The passion of the organizers was contagious. Very warm hospitality and attention to ensure everyone was good”

Also feedback like “less emails from Morten” and “less rain” are appreciated. Especially because I can GUARANTEE both for ERF2024, March 13th – 15th 2024, in the beautiful city of Rimini. I hope to see you there! 😊

Thank you for all your feedback – I have read it all, and passed it on to euRobotics, to make ERF even better in the future. ❤️


* “Cleaned Data”: Only responses from actual participants counted.