AI and Robotics in Construction

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Project cluster relation: Yes: Robetarme: 



Areas mainly addressed: Maintenance and Inspection, Robotics and AI/Big Data Value, Autonomy, Collaborative Robots and cloud robotics 

Main questions to be answered: 

· What are the most important applications for AI and Robotics in Construction and which are the main technological challenges that need to be addressed in this scope? 

· Most important benefits of AI and Robotics in Construction? Is the future full robotic automation or human-robot collaboration? 

· How can AI and Robotics solutions in construction be acceptable from both construction companies and workers? What needs to be done in the next years to this end? 

WS Description: The aim of the workshop is to highlight the potential benefits of AI and robotics in achieving automation in construction, on the basis of R&D activities that are performed within ongoing Horizon Europe projects. The workshop is organized by the projects Robetarme, HumanTech and Beeyonders, which were granted in the 2021 call “HORIZON-CL4-2021-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-12”. After briefly presenting the three projects, key aspects within the overarching topic of construction automation will be addressed, such as benefits and challenges of integrating diverse AI and robotics technologies in construction sites, the impact on efficiency, reduction of waste and emissions, the increase in safety and workforce well-being, under the scope of human-robot collaboration. Together with industrial project partners and the workshop audience, the latest advances and market possibilities will be discussed. 

Intended outcome: Workshop discussion topics of common interest, success stories, use cases, etc, Workshop on recent developments in technology or applications 

Approach: The workshop will comprise two parts. The first will include a series of speeches, focusing on recent research efforts funded by the EC, in the context of the Horizon Europe Robetarme, HumanTech and Beeyonders projects, as well as speeches from the industry, focusing on the end user view on AI and Robotics in Construction. The second, interactive part, will include a panel discussion, as well as feedback rounds with attendees, elaborating further on the key questions and aims of the workshop. More specifically: 

Part I 

00 – 02 min: Workshop introduction and overview 

02 – 10 min: Insights on the EC aims in the scope of AI and Robotics in Construction; speaker: Dr. Dimitrios Biliouris, Project Adviser · European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA) 

10 – 18 min: AI and Robotics in Shotcreting activities – the Robetarme project case; speaker: Dr. Dimitrios Giakoumis, RobetArme project Coordinator 

18 – 25 min: HumanTech project overview; speaker: Dr. Jason Rambach, HumanTech project Coordinator 

25 – 33 min: Beeyonders project overview, speaker: Antonio Alonso Cepeda, Beeyonders project Coordinator 

33 – 55 min: Opportunities and challenges for AI and robotics in construction from the end user’s point of view, 3 speakers, 8–min speech each: 

• Jonas Bentzen (Christiansen & Essenbæk A/S, Project Manager) 

• Fernando Sigchos Jiménez (European Builders Confederation, Secretary General) 

• Patrick Roth (Implenia, New Business and Innovation Manager) 

Part II 

55-70 min: Round table 


• Mads Essenbaek (Christiansen & Essenbæk A/S, Project Leader) 

• Dr. Bharath Sankaran (Scaled Robotics) 

• Dr. Gabor Sziebig (SINTEF) 

• Mr. José Carlos Jiménez Fernández (Tecnalia) 

• Dr. Antidio Viguria Jiménez (FADA CATEC) 

70-80 min: Feedback round with attendees 

Contributors: Speakers: 

• Jonas Bentzen (CEAS, Project Manager) 

• Fernando Sigchos Jiménez (EBC – European Builders Confederation, Secretary General) 

• Patrick Roth (Implenia, New Business and Innovation Manager) 

Round table participants: 

• Mads Essenbaek (CEAS, Project Leader) 

• Dr. Bharath Sankaran (Scaled Robotics, CTO & Co-founder) 

• Dr. Gabor Sziebig (SINTEF, Research Manager) 

• Mr. José Carlos Jiménez Fernández (Tecnalia, Civil Engineer) 

• Dr. Antidio Viguria Jiménez (FADA CATEC, Head of Perception and AI) 


· Dimitrios Giakoumis,, CERTH-ITI (Centre for Research and Technology Hellas – Information Technologies Institute)

· Jason Rambach,, DFKI 

· AntonioAlonso Cepeda,, ACCIONA 

· Christian Schlette,, SDU

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Room 207 – Floor 2
15 March - Specific operating environments
Dimitrios Giakoumis