euRobotics Entrepreneurship Award

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Areas mainly addressed: Entrepreneurship 

Main questions to be answered: 

· Who will be the 2023 winner of the euRobotics Entrepreneurship award? 

WS Description: Join this year’s award finalists competing for the title of the best robotic start-up 2023 in Europe! 

The workshop will start off with an inspirational talk by this year’s robotic entrepreneurship role-model Esben Østergaard. Esben co-founded Universal Robots in 2005, which was purchased by Teradyne Corporation in May 2015 for $350 million. So, he definitely knows how to turn a start-up into a viable business! 

Today Esben is CEO of REInvest Robotics – an accelerator platform to help start-ups create unique robotics solutions. Maybe your start-up fits right into their portfolio? 

Finally, the 5 award finalists will make their pitches to convince the jury why they should be receiving the prestigious euRobotics Entrepreneurship award this year. Everyone in the audience will be able to ask the finalists questions. 

And who knows, maybe you will get inspired to apply for the award in 2024? 

Intended outcome: Workshop discussion topics of common interest, success stories, use cases, etc, Workshop covering material new to ERF that the Robotics community should engage with, Award 

Approach: This will be an 80 minute workshop: 

00:00 – 00:05 Opening comments by the organisers 

00:05 – 00:30 Presentation by entrepreneurship role-model Esben Østergaard 

00:30 – 01:15 Pitches by award finalists 

01:15 – 01:20 Conclusion 

The award ceremony will take place on March 15 from 18:30 – 19:15 at University of Southern Denmark Auditorium U45. 


· Oliver Pedersen,, DTI

· Jon Agirre Ibarbia,, Tecnalia 

· FranziskaKirstein,, Blue Ocean Robotics

Event Timeslots (1)

Room 200 – Floor 2
15 March - Awards
Oliver Pedersen