Vision beyond the current practice in healthcare robotics

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TG relation: Healthcare 

Areas mainly addressed: Healthcare, Robotics and AI/Big Data Value, Autonomy, Collaborative Robots and cloud robotics, Regulation and Standardization for Robotics and AI 

Main questions to be answered: 

· What are the specific wishes from clinicians related to robotics in healthcare? 

WS Description: Healthcare Robotics is an advancing field with many opportunities in diagnostics, intervention, and rehabilitation. Embedding robotic applications in a clinical setting is a challenge. Therefore, this workshop will be focussed on “real” connection with the field and gives an interesting view on “successful” deployment and how innovation can be brought to the healthcare market to deliver targeted patient-specific treatment in the upcoming 10-15 years. During the workshop experts from the field will share their experience with deployment and how to be successful as a SME. Afterwards an interactive discussion will take place and input will be acquired in a discussion with a panel of clinicians representing the 5 robotics in healthcare domains on the needs for developments. resulting in a full “wishlist” from clinicians which can be used for iterative optimization of robotics into the field. 

Intended outcome: Workshop expected to create a roadmap or white paper, Workshop on recent developments in technology or applications, Workshops engaging non-roboticists to understand needs/goals (policy, commercial, technical) 


• Introduction – Connection TG focused on application 

• Experiences robotics in healthcare – technical point of view 

• Deployment demonstration 

• Success story surgical robotics and future perspective 

• Clinical high potential areas and interactive session with clinicians 

Speakers and contributors: 

– Elena du Momi – Associate Professor, Politecnico di Milano, Milan 

– Dimitris Karageorgos – Robotics specialist Heemskerk Innovative Technology BV 

– Prof. Ivo Broeders – Surgeon Meander Medical center 

– Dr. Nikolaos Liakos, MD FEBU MHBA, Senior Consultant Urologist – Head of Section – Robotic Urology 

– Kosta Jovanovic – Associate Professor at University of Belgrade-School of Electrical Engineering (ETF) 

– Birgitte Østergård Sørensen, lead healthcare robotics, DTI, lead support healthcare professionals/ patients with robotic applications 

– Françoise Siepel, ass prof image guided robotics in healthcare/coordinator healthcare robotics (DIHHERO/euRobotics), University of Twente 

– Thierry Keller, director of rehabilitation, Tecnalia 

– Prof Riccardo Muradore, University of Verona 

– Patrick Courtney, Leader, tec-connection Further information:, 


· Françoise Siepel,, University of Twente 

· Thierry Keller,, Tecnalia

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Room K2 – Koncerthuset
14 March - Healthcare
Françoise Siepel