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PLATINUM & GOLD sponsors’ floor

SILVER & BRONZE sponsors’ floor


Practical Information

Recording of the sponsors & Exhibitors meeting on 21.02.2023


All booths are sold with a café table and a table cloth and one 230V ac 3-connector plug, at a consumption of app. 1 KW per day. The café table is 90 cm diameter, and the height is 120 cm.

Booths are marked wit tape on the floor.

Thus there are no walls or dividers between the booths, and this is on purpose. Sidewalls are not allowed, due to fire regulations.

Additionally we want a welcoming atmosphere, and open spaces. Our experience from many years of making pop-up exhibitions is, that this creates the most vibrant buzz in the exhibition areas. So discard the conventional idea that you are confined within the walls of a booth, and this is where you and your displays should be.. Your displays should be inside your booth, however your crew is welcome outside the booth in the hallways, when they receive your guests. If you want to separate your booth from your neighbor, consider bringing some your own dividers, be it a back wall or roll ups. You may also contact the house provider, mentioned below, if you want to build a more conventional booth.

Please see the pictures below, on how an exhibition area with out walls, inspires to even more networking, also among the guests and exhibitors – we welcome that.


For extra power and/or i.e 400V-16A, wired LAN, flowers and catering on the booth please Click here to view their catalogue and order form. Please send it to Dorthe Kramer at ODEON Venue – All extras are sold separately, and must be purchased directly from the suppliers.



An external partner, Nim Brand Board, will be handling any extra furnishing of the booths. Click here to view their catalogue and order form. Contact: Peter Jakobsen – All extras are sold separately, and must be purchased directly from the suppliers.



The ERF2023 preferred shipping partner is DSV. They can handle all shipments, delivering goods directly to your booth area, and storing your shipping containers, and packing. Please look at the Shipping instructions and the Handling Tariff, for all your shipping needs. For questions and ordering, please contact Henrik Glendorf


Occupation of booth space 

No sidewalls on any booths, due to local fire regulations.

Address of the venue is:

Odeons Kvarter 1
DK-5000 Odense C

SPONSORS and EXHIBITORS may enter the Venue ODEON for the purpose of erecting, installing and preparing their exhibits by 08:00 CET on Monday 13th of March 2023. All stands must be completed and opened by 13:00 CET on Monday 13th of March 2023. Opening hours for companies, local community and early delegates are Monday 13th of March 2023 from 13:00-17:00. The exhibition must be open during the entire ERF from March 14th to 16th 2023.

In the event of a SPONSOR or EXHIBITOR failing to take possession of the allocated booth space, the Organizers reserve the right to re-allocate or otherwise deal with the stand space as they decide. The charges for such allocated booth space will nevertheless remain due to the Organizers. The Organizers shall have the right to refuse to permit the SPONSOR or EXHIBITOR to occupy or use the stand space until all the sums due to the Organizers from the SPONSOR or EXHIBITOR have been paid.

The Exhibition is open during the entire ERF2023, however not later than Thursday 16th of March 2023 at 16:00. Venue must be vacated by Thursday 16th of March 2023 at 20:00.
If the SPONSOR or EXHIBITOR should fail to remove all property or otherwise fail to vacate the exhibition space, or the Venue premises by the end of tenancy due to any cause whatsoever, the SPONSOR or EXHIBITOR shall be fully responsible for any penalties imposed by the Venue, or any other losses and costs incurred by the Organizers. As a result of the SPONSOR and EXHIBITOR failing to vacate the premises by the agreed time, the Organizers may remove any property of the SPONSOR or EXHIBITOR left in the Venue by the SPONSOR or EXHIBITIR after the said time and the costs of such removal shall be paid by the SPONSOR or EXHIBITOR to the Organizers on demand.

If the SPONSOR or EXHIBITOR starts packing prematurely before the ERF is over, the SPONSOR or EXHIBITOR is liable to a penalty of 1000 EURO.

Updated 20221110

Any questions regarding exhibiting at the ERF 2023, not answered on this page, may be directed to



The ODEON venue is an amazing site. Just 200 m from the World famous Hans Christian Andersen museum, it nestles beautifully in the fairytale part of Odense. Everything here is cozy and organic in nature, thus also the ODEON venue. In order to fully appreciate the unique opportunities that you have as a sponsor or exhibitor, please watch the videos below, to find the perfect exhibition spot.

PLATINUM & GOLD sponsor video guide to the Venue ODEON

SILVER & BRONZE sponsor video guide to the Venue ODEON

EXHIBITOR video guide to the Venue ODEON


Billing will be in DKK and added 25% DK VAT. Exchange rate: 1 EURO = 7,5 DKK

Sponsors and Exhibitors entering a valid EU VAT number upon registration, are subject to reverse charge, and DK VAT will not be added to the bill.

All information on this page is subject to change without notice.

ERF 2022 manual exhibition services

This manual (PDF, 550 KB) for European Robotics Forum 2022 in Rotterdam Ahoy Convention Centre covers all the major points related to your participation at the exhibition. It is also designed to give you the opportunity to place orders to modify and upgrade your booth, to make your exhibition a real success. A-Booth offers various services, ranging from stands, to rigging service, etc. A-Booth build stands in all different shapes, uniformly or fully furnished according to your wishes. And to completely unburden you, they can also help with the stand design of your booth.

ERF 2022 Showfreight

euRobotics in collaboration with ERF2022 has appointed CEVA Showfreight (PDF, 847KB) as their exclusive official logistics forwarder for ERF 2022 at the RACC (Rotterdam Ahoy Convention Centre). This puts CEVA in the unique position of being the only company to operate forklifts and other motorized vehicles in and around the hall and terraces surrounding Rotterdam Ahoy. CEVA Showfreight can assist you with the complete logistics process, leaving you free to concentrate on other important show related matters.

Their passionate team is ready to be of assistance to arrange any of the below services for your show participation:

  • Transport of your exhibition goods, via our worldwide network, including insurance and/or customs formalities
  • Unloading, reloading, positioning of your exhibition goods
  • Storage of your empty packaging material
  • Receipt, storage and delivery of your courier shipments
  • Rent of scissor lift, cherry pickers or other type of material lifts

CEVA Showfreight has the expertise and a well-established network of logistic specialists to satisfy all your logistic requirements. Deadlines

  • Air freight arrival at Schiphol airport: 15th of March 2022
  • Ocean freight arrival in port of Rotterdam: 12th of March 2022
  • Advanced warehouse arrival deadline: 17th of March 2022
  • Booking deadline: 1st of March 2022

* Shipments arriving after the deadline are subject to a 25% late arrival surcharge on the inbound handling
** For orders that are placed after the final ordering date, a surcharge of 25% will apply on the total invoice

Contact details:
Rianne de Groot or
Phone +31 (0) 88 028 31 73

Monday 27th June
06:00 – 11:00
Booth builder A-booth and Transport company CEVA(see Manuals)
Monday 27th June
11:00 – 15:00
ERF Sponsors and exhibitors
Monday 27th June
start 15.00 till Thursday 30th June end 16.30
Exhibitionfloor open
Thursday 30th June
16:30 – 23:00
Dismantling exhibitionfloor
Friday 1st July 07:00 – 23:00Dismantling exhibitionfloor

Registration free tickets for sponsors & exhibitors

A special registration site is available for sponsors and exhibitors that want to:

  • Register their free complimentary Full Conference tickets, that are included in their sponsor agreement
  • Register their free complimentary Conference Dinner tickets, that are included in their sponsor agreement
  • Register their free Exhibitors Only tickets, that are included in their exhibitor agreement
  • Purchase extra paid Exhibitors Only tickets


If you want to register for one of the above mentioned free tickets or purchase extra Exhibitors Only tickets, please press the ‘Register Free ticket button’ below.

If you have not received your free complimentary tickets that are included in your sponsor or exhibitor agreement please contact Inge Rehorst at

New exhibitor opportunities

Special rates are available for knowledge institutes and start-up’s.
Terms and conditions that apply to these rates can be requested at

Exhibitor-only passes

Extra exhibitor-only passes can be purchased online on the Sponsor and Exhibitor registration page of ERF2022


Application for Sponsorship or becoming an exhibitor

Interested in becoming an ERF sponsor or exhibitor? Please contact for more information.