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Tech Transfer Award Session

Areas mainly addressed: B2B and innovation  Main question: Who will be the 2023 winner of the euRobotics Technology transfer award? WS Description: Technology transfer is key to keeping European industry at the forefront of global competition – and nowhere more so than in automation and robotics. That’s why euRobotics places such an emphasis on technology […]

PhD award finalists pitches

Areas mainly addressed: depending on the finalists’ topics  Main questions to be answered:  · Session devoted to the presentations of the PhD award finalists  WS Description: The session is devoted at the presentations by the finalists of the 22nd edition of the euRobotics George Giralt PhD award:  Andriella Antonio Spain Institut de Robòtica i Informàtica […]

euRobotics Entrepreneurship Award

Areas mainly addressed: Entrepreneurship  Main questions to be answered:  · Who will be the 2023 winner of the euRobotics Entrepreneurship award?  WS Description: Join this year’s award finalists competing for the title of the best robotic start-up 2023 in Europe!  The workshop will start off with an inspirational talk by this year’s robotic entrepreneurship role-model […]